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Warning (Continued)

webbing only with mild soap and

lukewarm water. Allow the webbing to dry.

Seat belts should be properly cared for and maintained.

Seat belt hardware should be kept dry and free of dust or debris. As

necessary exterior hard surfaces and seat belt webbing may be lightly

cleaned with mild soap and water.

Ensure there is not excessive dust or debris in the mechanism. If dust or

debris exists in the system please see the dealer. Parts may need to be

replaced to ensure proper

functionality of the system.

Replacing Seat Belt

System Parts after a Crash


{ Warning

A crash can damage the seat belt system in the vehicle. A damaged seat belt system may not properly protect the person using it,

resulting in serious injury or even

death in a crash. To help make sure the seat belt systems are working

properly after a crash, have them inspected and any necessary

replacements made as soon as possible.

After a minor crash, replacement of seat belts may not be necessary. But the seat belt assemblies that were

used during any crash may have been stressed or damaged. See your dealer

to have the seat belt assemblies inspected or replaced.

New parts and repairs may be

necessary even if the seat belt system was not being used at the time of the crash.


Have the seat belt pretensioners

checked if the vehicle has been in a crash, or if the airbag readiness light

stays on after you start the vehicle or while you are driving. See Airbag

Readiness Light 0 139.