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The operating temperature is 20 °C (4 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F) for the

charging system and 0 °C (32 °F) to 35 °C (95 °F) for the phone.


{ Warning

Remove all objects from the

charging pad before charging your mobile device. Objects, such as

coins, keys, rings, paper clips,

or cards, between the phone and

charging pad will become very hot.

On the rare occasion that the

charging system does not detect an


To charge a mobile device:

1. Remove all objects from the





} does not display, remove the mobile device from the pad, turn 180 degrees, and wait

three seconds before placing/

aligning the mobile device on the pad again.

Cigarette Lighter

If equipped, there is a cigarette lighter inside the center console storage area.

To use the cigarette lighter, push it in all the way, and let go. When it is

ready, it will pop back out by itself.

object, and the object gets wedged between the phone and charger,

remove the phone and allow the object to cool before removing it

from the charging pad, to prevent burns.

charging pad. The system may not charge if there are any

objects between the mobile device and charging pad.

2. Place the mobile device face up on the @ symbol on the

charging pad and align it to the left wall of the charging bin.

3. The } will appear on the V on the infotainment display. This

indicates that the mobile device is properly positioned and

charging. If a mobile device is

placed on the charging pad and



Holding a cigarette lighter in while

it is heating does not let the lighter back away from the heating

element when it is hot. Damage

from overheating can occur to the

lighter or heating element, or a fuse could be blown. Do not hold a

cigarette lighter in while it is heating.