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4. Press the control forward (4) or rearward (6) to change the


5. Press the massage control button (1) to recall the last

massage type and intensity.

See Massage 0 74.

Memory Features


Platinum Driver Seat Shown, Passenger Seat Similar

If equipped, memory seats allow two

drivers to store and recall their unique seat positions for driving the vehicle,

and a shared exit position for getting out of the vehicle. Other feature


positions may also be set, such as power mirrors and power steering

wheel. Memory positions are linked to RKE transmitter 1 or 2 for automatic memory recalls.

Before storing, adjust all available memory feature positions. Turn the

ignition on and then press and release SET; a beep will sound. Then

immediately press and hold 1, 2,

or B (Exit) on the driver door until

two beeps sound. To manually recall these positions, press and hold 1, 2, or B until the saved position is


When Auto Memory Recall is enabled in vehicle personalization, positions

previously stored to memory buttons 1 and 2 are recalled when the ignition is changed from off to on or ACC/


When Easy Exit Options is enabled in vehicle personalization, the feature

automatically recalls the previously

stored exit position when exiting the vehicle. See Memory Seats 0 69.


Second Row Seats

If equipped, the armrest may have seat adjustment controls.


1. Seatback Display and Lumbar Adjustment Control

2. Power Seat Adjustment

3. Power Seat Adjustment

4. Massage

See Rear Seats 0 74.