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Programmable Charging Disabled


When the Programmable Charging

system is disabled, the Default Charge Mode Status screen and the pop-up

will display - -:- -for the Charge

Complete Time. The Programmable

Charging system will be disabled if the Charge Complete Time cannot be

confidently estimated. If the

Programmable Charging system is

consistently disabled, see your dealer.

A message displays if the vehicle is not able to charge.


Energy Information (PLUG-IN Only)

To view the Energy Usage and Energy Details, touch [ on the

infotainment display and then touch INFO at the bottom of the display.

Touch S or T to switch between the


Energy Usage


The Energy Usage screen displays

information for the total of all drive cycles since the last time the high

voltage battery was fully charged. This includes:

. Distance traveled in Electric Mode

. Distance traveled in Engine Power Mode


. Total distance traveled

. Electric energy used from the battery

. Total fuel used

. Average fuel economy

The electric equivalent to fuel

economy is MPGe. Touch MPGe on

the screen to view. When dashes are displayed, the maximum limits to

some values have been reached.

The circle graph displays

the percentage of distance traveled using Electric Mode versus Engine Power Mode. The Energy Usage

information will also appear

automatically on power off when

Retained Accessory Power is active.

This pop-up can be disabled. See Energy Summary Pop-upunder Vehicle Personalization 0 168.