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at high speed, heated seats, engine

cooling fans, trailer loads, and loads

plugged into accessory power outlets.

EPM works to prevent excessive

discharge of the battery. It does this by balancing the generator's output and the vehicle's electrical needs.

It can increase engine idle speed to generate more power whenever

needed. It can temporarily reduce the power demands of some accessories.

Normally, these actions occur in steps or levels, without being noticeable. In rare cases at the highest levels of

corrective action, this action may be noticeable to the driver. If so, a DIC message might be displayed and it is recommended that the driver reduce the electrical loads as much as


Battery Power Protection

The battery saver feature is designed to protect the vehicle's battery.

If some interior lamps are left on and the ignition is turned off, the battery rundown protection system

automatically turns the lamp off after some time.



Exterior Lighting Battery Saver

The exterior lamps turn off about

10 minutes after the ignition is turned off, if the parking lamps or headlamps have been manually left on. This

protects against draining the battery. To restart the 10-minute timer, turn the exterior lamp control to the off

position and then back to the parking lamp or headlamp position.

To keep the lamps on for more than

10 minutes, the ignition must be on or in ACC/ACCESSORY.