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If the steering wheel is turned until it reaches the end of its travel and is

held against that position for an extended period of time, power

steering assist may be reduced.

If the steering assist is used for an extended period of time while the vehicle is not moving, power assist may be reduced.

Normal use of the power steering

assist should return when the system cools down.

See your dealer if there is a problem.

Curve Tips

. Take curves at a reasonable speed.

. Reduce speed before entering a curve.

. Maintain a reasonable steady speed through the curve.

. Wait until the vehicle is out of the curve before accelerating gently

into the straightaway.

Steering in Emergencies

. There are some situations when

steering around a problem may be more effective than braking.

. Holding both sides of the steering wheel allows you to turn

180 degrees without removing a hand.

. Antilock Brake System (ABS) allows steering while braking.


Off-Road Recovery

The vehicle's right wheels can drop off the edge of a road onto the shoulder

while driving. Follow these tips:

1. Ease off the accelerator and then, if there is nothing in the way,

steer the vehicle so that it straddles the edge of the


2. Turn the steering wheel about one-eighth of a turn, until the right front tire contacts the

pavement edge.

3. Turn the steering wheel to go straight down the roadway.

Loss of Control


There are three types of skids that correspond to the vehicle's three

control systems:

. Braking Skid wheels are not rolling.

. Steering or Cornering Skid too much speed or steering in a curve causes tires to slip and lose

cornering force.