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Warning (Continued)

overheat and cause a fire, property damage, electric shock, and injury.

. Do not operate the vehicle with the heater cord

permanently attached to the vehicle. Possible heater cord

and thermostat damage could occur.

. While in use, do not let the heater cord touch vehicle

parts or sharp edges. Never close the hood on the

heater cord.

. Before starting the vehicle,

unplug the cord, reattach the cover to the plug, and

securely fasten the cord. Keep the cord away from any

moving parts.

4. Before starting the engine, be

sure to unplug and store the cord as it was before to keep it away

from moving engine parts. If you do not, it could be damaged.

Contact your dealer for information

on how long to use the heater in your particular area.

Retained Accessory Power (RAP)

Some vehicle accessories may be used after the ignition is turned off.

The power windows and sunroof,

if equipped, will continue to work for up to 10 minutes or until any door is opened.

The infotainment system will continue to work for 10 minutes, until the

driver door is opened, or until the ignition is turned on or placed in ACC/ACCESSORY.

Shifting Into Park

To shift into P (Park):

1. Hold the brake pedal down and set the parking brake.

See Electric Parking Brake 0 233.

2. Move the shift lever into P (Park) by holding in the button on the

shift lever and pushing the lever all the way toward the front of

the vehicle.

3. Turn the ignition off.

4. Take the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter with you.

Leaving the Vehicle with the Engine Running


{ Warning

It can be dangerous to leave the vehicle with the engine running. It could overheat and catch fire.

It is dangerous to get out of the

vehicle if the shift lever is not fully in P (Park) with the parking brake

firmly set. The vehicle can roll.

Do not leave the vehicle when the engine is running. If you have left

the engine running, the vehicle can move suddenly. You or others could be injured. To be sure the vehicle