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Sport Mode


Sport Mode provides more responsive acceleration than Tour Mode, but can reduce efficiency. Use Tour Mode

whenever possible.

During some conditions, certain drive modes may be unavailable. The

unavailable mode is grayed out in the DIC menu and cannot be selected.

If in Sport or Hold Mode, the mode may become unavailable and the

vehicle will return to Tour Mode. The indicator light goes off and a DIC

message displays.

Press MODE to select Sport Mode.

Press MODE again to return to Tour Mode and it becomes active after

three seconds.

Hold Mode


Use Hold Mode on a trip where it is

expected that all of the electric charge will be depleted. Use Hold Mode

mainly during highway or high speed driving to maximize both PLUG-IN

propulsion miles and fuel efficiency.

This mode places the remaining

battery charge into a reserve for the

driver to use as desired. Selecting this mode transitions the vehicle primarily to gasoline propulsion to maintain the

battery charge reserve. The reserve

battery charge will appear grayed out while in this mode.

Upon exiting Hold Mode, the reserved battery charge becomes available

again and the vehicle returns to PLUG-IN propulsion.

Hold Mode will not change normal vehicle acceleration or braking


Press MODE to select Hold Mode.

Press MODE again to return to Tour Mode and it becomes active after

three seconds.

Out of Fuel/Engine Unavailable

If the vehicle runs out of fuel, or the engine will not start due to a

malfunction, the vehicle can continue to be driven with electric propulsion

until the current charge is depleted. The vehicle will have less responsive acceleration. DIC messages indicate

reduced propulsion power, that the

engine is not available, and the need for fuel or service.