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Engine Exhaust


{ Warning

Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide (CO), which cannot be seen or smelled. Exposure to CO can cause unconsciousness and even death.

Exhaust may enter the vehicle if:

. The vehicle idles in areas with poor ventilation (parking

garages, tunnels, deep snow that may block underbody

airflow or tail pipes).

. The exhaust smells or sounds strange or different.

. The exhaust system leaks due to corrosion or damage.

. The vehicle exhaust system

has been modified, damaged, or improperly repaired.



Warning (Continued)

. There are holes or openings in the vehicle body from

damage or aftermarket

modifications that are not completely sealed.

If unusual fumes are detected or if it is suspected that exhaust is

coming into the vehicle:

. Drive it only with the

windows completely down.

. Have the vehicle repaired immediately.

Never park the vehicle with the

engine running in an enclosed area such as a garage or a building that has no fresh air ventilation.

Running the Vehicle While Parked

It is better not to park with the engine running.

If the vehicle is left with the engine

running, follow the proper steps to be sure the vehicle will not move.

See Shifting Into Park 0 222 and Engine Exhaust 0 228.

If parking on a hill and pulling a

trailer, see Driving Characteristics and Towing Tips 0 299.




Running the Vehicle While Parked