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When the System Does Not Seem to Work Properly

The system performance may be affected by:

. Close vehicles ahead.

. Sudden lighting changes, such as when driving through tunnels.

. Banked roads.

. Roads with poor lane markings, such as two-lane roads.

If the LKA system is not functioning properly when lane markings are

clearly visible, cleaning the windshield may help.

A camera blocked message may display if the camera is blocked.

Cleaning the outside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror may

correct the issue. Some driver

assistance systems may have reduced performance or not work at all. An

LKA or LDW unavailable message may display if the systems are temporarily unavailable. This message could be

due to a blocked camera. The LKA

system does not need service. Clean the outside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror.

LKA assistance and/or LDW alerts

may occur due to tar marks, shadows, cracks in the road, temporary or

construction lane markings, or other road imperfections. This is normal

system operation; the vehicle does not need service. Turn LKA off if these

conditions continue.

Surround Vision Recorder

If equipped, this system records the

360° camera views to an SD card. Only images are recorded, no sound. An SD card will be needed for this system.

The recommended SD card is an

8-32GB SDHC card with FAT32 file system, Class 4 and over.


Insert an SD card into the card reader in the trunk. Disable recording from

the playback screen before removing the SD card from the reader. Do not remove the card while recording is

enabled. This could corrupt the video file and/or the SD card.

Other files should not be stored on the same SD card as the surround

vision recorder files. Storing other files on the same card may increase

recording start up and playback time or result in a loss of data.





To Activate : Touch Video Recorder on the Home Page. Touch #. # will have a red dot when the video

recorder is on. It will remain on until it has been turned off. Recording will

start after exiting the playback screen. Advise other drivers and occupants of the vehicle that video images are

being recorded.

To Deactivate : Touch Video Recorder on the Home Page. Touch #.

Select from the following when the vehicle is in P (Park).

Exit : Touch to exit this application and return to the previous app.

Video List : Touch to display a list of the most recent and saved videos.

Touch the delete button next to the name to delete a saved video.

Rewind : Touch to rewind the video. Touch again to stop rewinding.

Play/Pause : Touch to play or pause a recorded video.

Fast Forward : Touch to fast forward the video. Touch again to stop fast


Save : Touch to save a video. This

protects the video from being erased. Once the SD card is full, files will be overwritten unless they have been


Front/Rear Camera View : Select to switch between the front and rear

camera views in playback.

Touching S Back returns to the player view with video that was previously loaded still showing.

The latest recorded video file can be played. In addition:

. There are approximately 12 hours of video storage based on an 8GB SD card. This could vary based on exterior lighting conditions.

. The recorded video is stored in five-minute-long files.

. All files can be viewed on the

playback app or when the SD card is read by a personal

computer (PC).

. Once the SD card is full, the oldest files will be overwritten.

To Delete Data : Remove the SD card from the vehicle and insert into a PC

to manually delete the file. Error messages can occur if:

. No SD card is present.

. An empty SD card is present.

. The video files are the wrong format.

. The video files are corrupt.

. The SD card is full.

. There is a system error.