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Plug-In Charging (PLUG-IN Only)

This section explains the charging of the vehicle's high voltage battery. Do not allow the vehicle to remain in

extreme temperatures for long periods without being driven or plugged in.

Plug the vehicle in when temperatures are below 0 °C (32 °F) and above 32 °C

(90 °F) to maximize the life of the high voltage battery.

When using the portable charge cord included with the vehicle, it will take approximately 12.5 hours to charge

the vehicle with the 12 amp AC

current setting or 20 hours using the default 8 amp AC current setting.

When using a charging station

capable of 16 amps or more, it will take approximately 4.5 hours to

charge the vehicle. Charge times will vary with outside temperature. There are three ways to program how the

vehicle is charged. See Programmable Charging (PLUG-IN Only) 0 150.

The charging system may run fans

and pumps that result in sounds from the vehicle while it is turned off.

Additional unexpected clicking sounds may be caused by the electrical

devices used while charging.

While the charge cord is plugged into the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be

driven. Charging Start Charge

1. Make sure the vehicle is parked and turned off.

2. Push the rearward edge of the

charge port door in and release to open the door.

In cold weather conditions, ice

may form around the charge port door. Remove ice from the area

before attempting to open or close the charge port door.


3. Open the trunk. Lift the load floor cover and remove the

charge cord.

4. Plug the charge cord into the electrical outlet. See Electrical

Requirements for Battery Charging (PLUG-IN Only) 0 293. Verify the charge cord status. See Charge

Cord (PLUG-IN Only) 0 287.

Select the appropriate charge level using the Charge Limit Preference screen on the

infotainment display. See Charge Limit Selectionunder

Programmable Charging (PLUG-IN Only) 0 150.