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change, can help. GM Fuel System

Treatment Cleaner is the only gasoline additive recommended by General

Motors. It is available at your dealer.

Filling the Tank


{ Warning

Fuel vapors and fuel fires burn

violently and can cause injury or death.

. To help avoid injuries to you and others, read and follow

all the instructions on the fuel pump island.

. Turn off the engine when refueling.

. Keep sparks, flames, and smoking materials away from fuel.

. Do not leave the fuel pump unattended.

. Do not use a cell phone while refueling.


Warning (Continued)

. Do not reenter the vehicle while pumping fuel.

. Keep children away from the fuel pump and never let

children pump fuel.

. Fuel can spray out if the

refueling nozzle is inserted too quickly. This spray can happen if the tank is nearly

full, and is more likely in hot weather. Insert the refueling

nozzle slowly and wait for any hiss noise to stop prior to

beginning to flow fuel.

Opening the Fuel Door (Gasoline Only)


To open the fuel door, push and

release the rearward center edge of

the door. If equipped, the fuel door is locked when the vehicle doors are

locked. Press K on the RKE

transmitter to unlock.





Opening the Fuel Door (PLUG-IN Only)

To refuel the PLUG-IN vehicle:


1. Press the fuel door button on the driver door for one second.

A WAIT TO REFUEL message displays on the Driver

Information Center.

2. When the READY TO REFUEL message displays, the fuel door will unlock. To open the fuel

door, push and release the

rearward center edge of the door.

3. Complete refueling within

30 minutes of pressing the fuel door button on the driver door. If refueling after more than

30 minutes, press the fuel door button again.

4. After refueling, close the fuel door.

Refueling the Vehicle

The vehicle has a capless fuel system and does not have a fuel cap. The

filling nozzle must be fully inserted

and latched prior to starting fuel flow.


{ Warning

Overfilling the fuel tank by more

than three clicks of a standard fill nozzle may cause:

. Vehicle performance issues,

including engine stalling and damage to the fuel system.

. Fuel spills.

. Potential fuel fires.

Be careful not to spill fuel. Wait a few seconds after you have finished

pumping before removing the nozzle.

Clean fuel from painted surfaces as soon as possible. See Exterior Care 0 388.


{ Warning

If a fire starts while you are

refueling, do not remove the nozzle. Shut off the flow of fuel by shutting off the pump or by notifying the

station attendant. Leave the area immediately.

Filling the Tank with a Portable Gas Can

If the vehicle runs out of fuel and


must be filled from a portable gas can: