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8. Route the hook end of the strap through the wheel.

9. Attach the hook to the cargo tie-down in the rear of the


10. Tighten the strap.

The compact spare is for temporary use only. Replace the compact spare tire with a full-size tire as soon as

you can.


Compact Spare Tire


{ Warning

Driving with more than one

compact spare tire at a time could result in loss of braking and

handling. This could lead to a crash and you or others could be injured. Use only one compact spare tire at a time.

If this vehicle has a compact spare tire, it was fully inflated when new; however, it can lose air over time.

Check the inflation pressure regularly. It should be 420 kPa (60 psi).

Stop as soon as possible and check

that the spare tire is correctly inflated after being installed on the vehicle.

The compact spare tire is designed for temporary use only. The vehicle will

perform differently with the spare tire installed and it is recommended that

the vehicle speed be limited to

80 km/h (50 mph). To conserve the tread of the spare tire, have the


standard tire repaired or replaced as soon as convenient and return the

spare tire to the storage area.

When using a compact spare tire, the AWD (if equipped), ABS, and Traction Control systems may engage until the spare tire is recognized by the vehicle, especially on slippery roads. Adjust


driving to reduce possible wheel slip.


When the compact spare is

installed, do not take the vehicle through an automatic car wash

with guide rails. The compact spare can get caught on the rails which

can damage the tire, wheel, and other parts of the vehicle.

Do not use the compact spare on other vehicles.

Do not mix the compact spare tire or wheel with other wheels or tires. They will not fit. Keep the spare tire and its wheel together.