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Do not use cleaners that increase

gloss, especially on the instrument panel. Reflected glare can decrease visibility through the windshield


under certain conditions.


Use of air fresheners may cause

permanent damage to plastics and painted surfaces. If an air freshener comes in contact with any plastic

or painted surface in the vehicle,

blot immediately and clean with a soft cloth dampened with a mild

soap solution. Damage caused by

air fresheners would not be covered by the vehicle warranty.

Cargo Cover and Convenience Net

Wash with warm water and mild

detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach.

Rinse with cold water, and then dry completely.

Care of Seat Belts

Keep belts clean and dry.



{ Warning

Do not bleach or dye seat belt

webbing. It may severely weaken

the webbing. In a crash, they might not be able to provide adequate

protection. Clean and rinse seat belt webbing only with mild soap and

lukewarm water. Allow the webbing to dry.

Floor Mats


{ Warning

If a floor mat is the wrong size or is not properly installed, it can

interfere with the pedals.

Interference with the pedals can

cause unintended acceleration and/ or increased stopping distance

which can cause a crash and injury.

Make sure the floor mat does not interfere with the pedals.


Use the following guidelines for proper floor mat usage.

. The original equipment floor mats were designed for your vehicle.

If the floor mats need replacing, it is recommended that GM certified floor mats be purchased. Non-GM floor mats may not fit properly

and may interfere with the pedals.

Always check that the floor mats do not interfere with the pedals.

. Do not use a floor mat if the

vehicle is not equipped with a

floor mat retainer on the driver side floor.

. Use the floor mat with the correct side up. Do not turn it over.

. Do not place anything on top of the driver side floor mat.

. Use only a single floor mat on the driver side.

. Do not place one floor mat on top of another.

The driver side floor mat is held in place by two button-type retainers.





Removing and Replacing the Floor Mats


1. Pull up on the rear of the floor mat to unlock the retainers and remove.

2. Reinstall by lining up the floor mat retainer openings over the carpet retainers and snap into position.

3. Make sure the floor mat is

properly secured in place. Verify the floor mat does not interfere with the pedals.