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Press = to:

. Open the OnStar app on the

infotainment display. See the infotainment manual for

information on how to use the OnStar app.


. Make a call, end a call, or answer an incoming call.

. Give OnStar Hands-Free Calling voice commands.

. Give OnStar Turn-by-Turn

Navigation voice commands.

. Obtain and customize the Wi-Fi hotspot name or SSID and

password, if equipped.


Press Q to connect to an Advisor to:

. Verify account information or update contact information.

. Get driving directions.

. Receive a Diagnostic check of the vehicle's key operating systems.

. Receive Roadside Assistance.

. Manage Wi-Fi Settings, if equipped.

Press > to get a priority connection

to an OnStar Advisor available 24/7 to:

. Get help for an emergency.

. Be a Good Samaritan or respond to an AMBER Alert.

. Get assistance in severe weather or other crisis situations and find evacuation routes.




OnStar Services


Emergency Services require an active, OnStar service plan (excludes Basic

Plan). With Automatic Crash

Response, built-in sensors can

automatically alert a specially trained OnStar Advisor who is immediately

connected in to the vehicle to help.

Press > for a priority connection to an OnStar Advisor who can contact

emergency service providers, direct

them to your exact location, and relay important information.

With OnStar Crisis Assist, specially trained Advisors are available

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a central point of contact,

assistance, and information during a crisis.

With Roadside Assistance, Advisors

can locate a nearby service provider to help with a flat tire, a battery jump,

or an empty gas tank.