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. Replace the vehicle's tires with the same TPC Spec number molded

into the tire's sidewall near the size.

. Follow recommended scheduled maintenance.

Driving for Better Energy Efficiency (PLUG-IN Only)

Use the following tips to help

maximize energy efficiency and range.

In colder temperatures, while these efficiency tips will help, the electric vehicle driving range may be lower due to higher energy usage.

Driving Style


Avoid unnecessary rapid accelerations and decelerations.

Electric range is maximized at

80 km/h (50 mph) and below. Higher speeds use more energy and can

significantly reduce electric range.

Use cruise control when appropriate.


Plan ahead for decelerations and coast whenever possible. For example, do

not rush to traffic signals.

Do not shift to N (Neutral) to coast.

The vehicle recovers energy while

coasting and braking in D (Drive) or M (Manual Mode).

Drive Mode and PRNDM Selection

Use Tour Mode when possible.

Sport Mode provides more responsive acceleration than Tour Mode but can reduce efficiency.

Use Hold Mode on a trip where it is

expected that all of the electric charge will be depleted. Use Hold Mode

mainly during highway or high speed driving to maximize both EV miles

and fuel efficiency.

Use M (Manual Model) in heavy

stop-and-go traffic or when traveling downhill. M (Manual Mode) requires less brake pedal application and

provides a controlled, efficient way to slow the vehicle down.


Climate Setting

Using the heat and air conditioning

systems decreases the energy available for electric driving.

Optimal energy efficiency is achieved with the heat, air conditioning, and

fan turned off.

Less energy is used at low fan speeds.

Use the heated seat feature and the heated steering wheel instead of

climate settings. Heating the seat and steering wheel uses less energy than

heating the vehicle interior.

Use remote start to heat or cool the

interior when the vehicle is plugged in to maximize the electric range by

utilizing electricity from the electrical outlet.

In hot weather, avoid parking in direct sunlight or use sunshades inside the


Turn off the front and rear window

defog/defrost when they are no longer needed.

Avoid driving with the windows open at highway speeds.