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Turn Signal Indicator

The vehicle has a turn signal indicator on the mirror housings. The indicator will flash when a turn signal or the

hazard warning flashers are used.

Folding Mirrors

Power Folding Mirrors

If equipped with power folding

mirrors, press the down arrow on the control pad while the selector switch is at ). Press again to unfold.

Auto Mirror Folding

If equipped, with the ignition off, press and hold Q on the RKE

transmitter for approximately

one second to automatically fold the

exterior mirrors. Press and hold K on

the RKE transmitter for approximately one second to unfold. See Remote

Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation

0 35.

This feature is turned on or off

through vehicle personalization. See

Vehicle Personalization 0 168.


Manual Folding Mirrors

If equipped, the mirrors can be folded inward toward the vehicle to prevent damage when going through an

automatic car wash. Push the mirror outward to return it to the original


Heated Mirrors

The rear window defogger also heats the outside mirrors.

K : Press to heat the outside mirrors.

See Automatic Climate Control System (Quad Zone - Gasoline Only) 0 195 or

Automatic Climate Control System (Dual Zone - Gasoline and PLUG-IN) 0 190.

Automatic Dimming Mirror

The vehicle has an automatic

dimming outside mirror on the driver side. The mirror will adjust for the

glare of headlamps behind you.

Reverse Tilt Mirrors

If equipped with memory seats, the

passenger and/or driver mirror tilts to a preselected position when the


vehicle is in R (Reverse). This allows the curb to be seen when parallel


The mirror(s) return to the original position when:

. The vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse), or remains in

R (Reverse) for about 30 seconds.

. The ignition is turned off.

. The vehicle is driven in

R (Reverse) above a set speed.

To turn this feature on or off, see

Vehicle Personalization 0 168.