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+ ON/OFF : Turns the lamp on or off.

Reading Lamps

There are front and rear reading

lamps on the overhead console and over the rear passenger doors. These lamps come on automatically when any door is opened.

To manually turn the reading lamps on or off:


Press m or n next to each overhead console reading lamp.



Press the lamp lenses over the rear passenger doors.


Lighting Features

Entry Lighting

Some exterior lamps and most of the

interior lights turn on briefly at night, or in areas of limited lighting when K is pressed on the Remote Keyless

Entry (RKE) transmitter. See Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation

0 35. When the driver door is opened,

all control lights, Driver Information Center (DIC) lights, and door pocket

lights turn on. After about 30 seconds the exterior lamps turn off, then the

remaining interior lights dim to off.

Entry lighting can be disabled

manually by changing the ignition out of the OFF position, or by pressing Q on the RKE transmitter.

This feature can be changed. See

Vehicle Locator Lightsunder Vehicle Personalization 0 168.


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