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only partially applied or there is a

problem with the EPB. A DIC message will display. Release the EPB and try

to apply it again. If the light does not come on, or keeps flashing, have the vehicle serviced. Do not drive the

vehicle if the Y or PARK light is

flashing. See your dealer. See Electric Parking Brake Light 0 144.

If the 8 light is on, press the EPB

switch and hold it. Continue to hold

the switch until the Y or PARK light remains on. If the 8 light remains on, see your dealer.

If the EPB is applied while the vehicle is moving, the vehicle will decelerate

as long as the switch is pressed. If the switch is pressed until the vehicle

comes to a stop, the EPB will remain applied.

The vehicle may automatically apply the EPB in some situations when the

vehicle is not moving. This is normal, and is done to periodically check the correct operation of the EPB system.

If the EPB fails to apply, block the rear wheels to prevent vehicle movement.

EPB Release

To release the EPB:

1. Turn the ignition on or to ACC/ ACCESSORY.

2. Apply and hold the brake pedal.

3. Press the EPB switch momentarily.

The EPB is released when the Y or PARK light is off.

If the 8 light is on, release the EPB by pressing and holding the EPB switch.

Continue to hold the switch until

the Y or PARK light is off. If either


light stays on after release is attempted, see your dealer.


Driving with the parking brake on can overheat the brake system and

cause premature wear or damage to brake system parts. Make sure that the parking brake is fully released

and the brake warning light is off before driving.

Automatic EPB Release

The EPB will automatically release if the vehicle is running, placed into

gear, and an attempt is made to drive away. Avoid rapid acceleration when

the EPB is applied, to preserve parking brake lining life.

Brake Assist

This vehicle has a brake assist feature designed to assist the driver in

stopping or decreasing vehicle speed

in emergency driving conditions. This feature uses the stability system

hydraulic brake control module to

supplement the power brake system

under conditions where the driver has quickly and forcefully applied the

brake pedal in an attempt to quickly stop or slow down the vehicle. The

stability system hydraulic brake control module increases brake

pressure at each corner of the vehicle until the ABS activates. Minor brake

pedal pulsation or pedal movement during this time is normal and the driver should continue to apply the brake pedal as the driving situation

dictates. The brake assist feature will