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automatically disengage when the

brake pedal is released or brake pedal pressure is quickly decreased.

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Hill Start Assist (HSA) may

automatically activate when the vehicle is stopped on a hill and

Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH) is not enabled. This feature is designed to

prevent the vehicle from rolling, either forward or rearward, during vehicle

drive off. During the transition from releasing the brake pedal to

accelerating to drive off on a hill, HSA holds the braking pressure to prevent rolling. HSA will not activate if the

vehicle is in a drive gear and facing downhill or if the vehicle is facing

uphill and in R (Reverse).

Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH)


Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH),

if equipped, can be turned on by

pressing AUTO HOLD with the driver seat belt fastened, the driver door

closed, and the engine running. The AVH indicator will come on.

This feature will activate when the

vehicle is stopped to prevent it from moving. After the brake pedal has

been released and before the

accelerator pedal has been pressed,

AVH uses braking pressure to hold the vehicle stationary. In addition, the

ABS pump motor may activate to

build brake pressure to maintain the vehicle at a standstill if necessary.

If AVH is holding the vehicle, the AVH indicator will change to green. Once

AVH is active it will hold the vehicle

for a defined time period then engage the parking brake. While AVH is

holding the vehicle, the parking brake will engage if the driver door is

opened or the driver seat belt is

unfastened. See Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH) Light 0 145.

Regenerative Braking (PLUG-IN Only)

Regenerative braking takes some of the energy from the moving vehicle and turns it back into electrical

energy. This energy is then stored back into the high voltage battery system, contributing to increased energy efficiency.

The hydraulic disc brakes work with the regenerative braking to ensure

effective braking, such as when a high braking demand is requested.




The braking system is computer

controlled and blends the regenerative braking with the conventional

hydraulic disc brakes to meet any requirements for deceleration. The controller interprets the braking

request and uses regenerative braking, conventional hydraulic braking, or a

combination of both as necessary.

Because the hydraulic braking system uses an electronic booster for boost

assist on demand, under certain conditions a motor noise may be heard. This is normal operation.

See Warning Lights, Gauges, and

Indicators 0 126 and Driver Information Center (DIC) 0 160. In the event of a

controller problem, the brake pedal may be harder to push and the

stopping distance may be longer.

Regen on Demand

Regen on Demand allows the user to select increased coast deceleration by pressing the steering wheel tap

controls. It is activated temporarily while in D (Drive) and permanently

while in M (Manual Mode). Increased coast deceleration will be felt while

the accelerator pedal is fully released and lessened when the accelerator

pedal is pressed.

The brake pedal must be applied at

low speed, because Regen on Demand will not stop the car.

The brake lamps may come on when this feature is activated.

To enter Permanent Regen on Demand Mode:

1. Move the shift lever from

D (Drive) to M (Manual Mode). While in Permanent Regen on Demand, the M of the PRNDM

section of the instrument cluster will become highlighted, and the current coast deceleration level is indicated. Level 1 (M1) provides

the most coast deceleration.

Level 4 (M4) provides the least coast deceleration and is

equivalent to the level found in D (Drive).


2. Tap the left control on the back of the steering wheel toward the driver to select more coast

deceleration. Tap the right

control toward the driver to

select less coast deceleration. To select the most coast

deceleration, press and hold the left control.

3. To exit, move the shift lever back to D (Drive).

With the shift lever in D (Drive) and not in Permanent Regen on Demand Mode, the Tap Shift controls will

activate Temporary Regen on

Demand. The vehicle exits Temporary Regen on Demand after the