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. Press J.

Erasing Speed Memory

The ACC set speed is erased from memory if J is pressed or if the

ignition is turned off.

Cleaning the Sensing System

The camera sensor on the windshield behind the rearview mirror and the

radar sensors on the front of the

vehicle can become blocked by snow, ice, dirt, or mud. These areas need to be cleaned for ACC to operate


If ACC will not operate, regular Cruise Control may be available. See

Switching Between ACC and Regular Cruise Controlpreviously in this

section. Always consider driving

conditions before using either cruise control system.

For cleaning instructions, see

Washing the Vehicleunder Exterior Care 0 388.

System operation may also be limited under snow, heavy rain, or road spray conditions.

Super Cruise

If equipped, under certain conditions,

Super Cruise can automatically steer the vehicle to maintain lane position on limited access freeways that are

separated from opposing traffic. Super Cruise works with Adaptive Cruise

Control (ACC), which controls

acceleration and braking while Super Cruise is enabled and operating. It is important to review and understand

both this section and the ACC section before using Super Cruise. See

Adaptive Cruise Control 0 243.

Super Cruise uses cameras, Global

Positioning System (GPS) sensing, a high precision map, and

GPS-enhancement data downloaded through OnStar to detect the lane

ahead under certain conditions.


{ Warning

Super Cruise has limited

capabilities, as described in this section. Super Cruise does not:

. Detect or steer through construction zones.

. Perform all aspects of driving, nor do everything a driver

can do.

. Detect whether you are

drowsy or focused on safe driving.

. Steer to avoid any objects,

including vehicles, animals, pedestrians, bicyclists,

potholes, debris, construction barriers, and cones.

. Steer to merge the vehicle

into the appropriate lane or

traffic, or to exit the freeway.






Warning (Continued)

. Steer the vehicle in reaction to vehicles or objects next to your vehicle, including other

vehicles that attempt to enter your lane.

. Make lane changes. Never use Super Cruise:

. In difficult or uncertain

driving conditions.

. When lane markings are poor or visibility is limited.

. In construction zones.

. In slippery or other adverse conditions, including rain,

sleet, fog, ice, or snow.

. When not on a limited access freeway separated from

opposing traffic.

. On a road shoulder or service drive.

. In a tunnel.



Warning (Continued)

. When towing a trailer.

Never remove your hands from the

steering wheel when Super Cruise is not engaged. Manually steer the

vehicle to make a lane change.

Always make sure conditions are safe before using Super Cruise.

Always remain properly seated in the driver seat with the seat belt

fastened when using Super Cruise.

Failure to drive attentively and

respond appropriately, even while Super Cruise is engaged, can cause

a crash, which may result in serious injury or death.



Some state and local laws may require hands to be kept on the

steering wheel at all times. Only remove your hands from the



Caution (Continued)

steering wheel if Super Cruise is

engaged, it is safe to do so, and it is permitted by state and local laws.

When Super Cruise is Available


Super Cruise Indicator

Super Cruise is designed to be

available and engage only under the following conditions:

. ACC is on. See Adaptive Cruise Control 0 243.

. Forward Automatic Braking is on.

See Forward Automatic Braking (FAB) 0 269.

. The vehicle is on a limited access freeway.

. Camera or radar sensors are not covered, obstructed, or damaged.






. The system detects that the driver

appears attentive.

. The lane markings are clearly visible. Lane markings may be

obscured, for example, by glare or poor weather conditions.


Poor Conditions

Poor Conditions

Using Super Cruise


{ Warning

Super Cruise may not begin steering immediately, even when Super

Cruise is available and ] has been

pressed on the steering wheel.

Before removing your hands from the steering wheel, make sure the light bar on the steering wheel is

green, which means Super Cruise is steering the vehicle. Do not take

your hands off the steering wheel if the light bar is off or pulsing blue, which means Super Cruise is not

steering the vehicle. The vehicle


Warning (Continued)

could crash if you remove your

hands from the steering wheel and Super Cruise is not steering the



To engage:

1. Press J on the steering wheel to turn on ACC. Make sure the white \ indicator displays in

the instrument cluster. See

Adaptive Cruise Control 0 243.

2. Center the vehicle in the lane.




3. When Super Cruise is available, the white ^ will display in the instrument cluster.

4. Press ] on the steering wheel to engage both Super Cruise

and ACC.

ACC will set the speed at the

current vehicle speed. If ACC has a previously set speed, it may

resume at that speed.

5. When engaged, the steering

wheel light bar, ^, and \

will display green.

When Super Cruise is engaged and it is safe to do so, your hands can be

taken off the steering wheel. Always pay attention to the road and the

operation of the vehicle at all times.

Be mindful and attentive of surrounding traffic.

Super Cruise steering can be

overridden with manual steering at any time.

When Super Cruise is engaged, always be prepared to take immediate action

including steering, accelerating,

and braking quickly, if necessary.

Super Cruise is not available when Teen Driver is active.

Steering Manually

The vehicle can always be manually steered, even with Super Cruise

engaged; for example, when changing lanes.

When the steering wheel is moved

manually, the steering wheel light bar pulses blue and ^ on the instrument cluster turns blue to indicate Super

Cruise is not steering the vehicle.

When ready to allow Super Cruise to resume steering again, position the

vehicle in the center of the lane, hold the steering wheel until the steering wheel light bar turns green, and then release the steering wheel when it is

safe to do so.

Take Over Alert


{ Warning

The vehicle will not accelerate while the steering wheel light bar is

flashing red. Take control of

steering immediately to maintain speed when the light bar flashes

red. If control is not taken, the

vehicle will slow and, eventually, brake to a stop on the freeway.

Slowing down or stopping on the freeway could result in a crash.

Any time the steering wheel light bar flashes red, take control of steering

immediately. The instrument cluster light ^, will also turn red. In

addition, beeps will sound, or the Safety Alert Seat will vibrate. See

Collision/Detection Systemsunder

Vehicle Personalization 0 168. Take

over steering, then Super Cruise will disengage.

The red flashing steering wheel light bar could occur under any of the

following conditions:




. Lane markings are poor, or visibility is limited.

. Driver attention is insufficient or unclear.

. ACC is canceled.

. The vehicle is on a tight curve.

. Vehicle speed is too fast.

. The freeway ends.

. There is a system fault.

Attention to the Road


{ Warning

Super Cruise is a convenience system and cannot accurately

detect all situations. Super Cruise

also cannot determine whether the driver is awake, asleep, impaired,

or properly focused on safe driving.

The vehicle could crash into other vehicles, drive out of the lane,

or drive off the road. Complete

attention is always required while driving, even while using Super



Warning (Continued)

Cruise. Be prepared to take over steering or apply the brakes at

any time.


{ Warning

Be alert and pay special attention when passing freeway exits and

entrances with Super Cruise active, and be ready to take control as

necessary. Sometimes, changes in

lane markings around freeway exits and entrances can momentarily

cause Super Cruise to lose track of

the correct lane path. If this occurs,

Super Cruise may attempt to steer back into the correct lane and, in

rare circumstances, this could result in Super Cruise over-correcting.

This could cause the vehicle to momentarily cross into traffic in the next lane unless you take

appropriate action.

A camera on the steering column

detects and estimates driver attention to the road. The camera does not

record or share pictures, audio, or video.

Sunglasses, hats, or other types of

clothing that change the shape of the head may interfere with camera

performance. To improve camera performance, raise or lower the

steering wheel, or change the seat position.

Pay close attention to the road ahead to avoid these three increasing alerts:


First Alert

. If the steering wheel light bar flashes green, the system has detected that the driver may

not be paying sufficiently close attention.

. The flashing will stop when the system detects that sufficiently close attention to the road has resumed.

Second Alert

. If the steering wheel light bar flashes green for too long, Super Cruise will alert the driver

to take control of steering immediately by flashing the light bar red. Also, either beeps will sound or the Safety Alert Seat will vibrate. See Collision/Detection Systemsunder Vehicle Personalization 0 168. Take over steering, then Super Cruise will disengage. To re-engage

Super Cruise, press ]. See "Using Super Cruise" previously in this section.

Third Alert

. If the steering wheel light bar flashes red for too long, a voice command will tell you to

take control of the vehicle.

. Take control of the steering immediately; ACC and Super Cruise will disengage.

. A Driver Information Center (DIC) message will indicate that Super Cruise is locked out.

Super Cruise cannot be re-engaged until the next ignition cycle.

. Continued failure to take over steering will cause the vehicle to brake to a stop and OnStar will be called. The brake lights and hazard warning flashers will come on.

. Take control of the vehicle and continue driving.





Super Cruise Indicator Light Summary

The steering wheel light bar and

instrument cluster light provide the

following important information about Super Cruise operation:


Steering Wheel Light Bar

Instrument Cluster Light

Super Cruise Description



Super Cruise is off. There is no automatic steering. Operate the vehicle manually.



Super Cruise is available and can be engaged.

Solid Green

Solid Green

Super Cruise is steering. Pay attention to the road and vehicle operation.

Pulsing Blue

Solid Blue

Super Cruise is not steering. Operate the vehicle manually. See Steering Manuallypreviously in this section.

Flashing Green

Solid Green

Super Cruise has detected the driver is not paying sufficiently close attention to the road. Pay attention to the road. See

Attention to the Roadpreviously in this section.

Flashing Red

Solid Red

Take over steering immediately. Super Cruise will disengage. See Take Over Alertpreviously.

Super Cruise Messages

If Super Cruise has been steering for several minutes, a Super Cruise

message may appear on the

infotainment display along with a

chime. Read the message when it is safe, and the message will be

removed. These messages help the

driver pay attention to the road ahead


and confirm camera operation. Super Cruise will alert if a message is

provided and not read.

Map Updates

Super Cruise map information must be periodically updated at least once every seven months to determine

whether Super Cruise is available on certain roads. The vehicles built-in


Wi-Fi hotspot must be on to receive automatic updates via OnStar, or see your dealer. See the following

region-based URLs for relevant Super Cruise map open source compliance documentation, including the license information:

North America: http://

www.oss.gm.com/GMNA/7E2/ supercruise




China: http://www.oss.gm.com/china/ 7E2/supercruise

Data Download

Super Cruise uses the Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle to download map updates

and GPS enhancement data to the vehicle. If a mobile device with its

own Wi-Fi hotspot is brought into the vehicle and its Service Set Identifier

(SSID) and password are the same as the OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot, then the

vehicle may connect to the mobile devices Wi-Fi hotspot to download the data. See Connections 0 433.

To prevent usage of a mobile device data plan, do one of the following:

. Do not use the same SSID and password for the OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot and a mobile device.

. Disable the personal mobile device Wi-Fi hotspot when inside the


If the vehicle is equipped with OnStar and has an active service plan,

additional data may be collected through the OnStar system. This includes information about: the

vehicles operation; a collision

involving the vehicle; the use of the vehicle and its features; and, in

certain situations, the location and

approximate GPS speed of the vehicle. Refer to the OnStar Terms and

Conditions and Privacy Statement on the OnStar website.

System Care

The camera on the steering column has a lens cover that may become

dirty over time and affect camera performance. Clean the lens cover

with a soft cloth sprayed with glass

cleaner. Wipe the lens gently, then dry it. Never use abrasive cloths/cleaners

or corrosive chemicals of any kind on the lens cover.

Super Cruise uses the front radar,

front camera, and 360 degree cameras for its operation. Clean surfaces are

required for Super Cruise operation. See Adaptive Cruise Control 0 243,

Surround Vision Cameraunder

Assistance Systems for Parking or

Backing 0 260, and Lane Keep Assist (LKA) 0 277 for care information.



The Super Cruise system is a highly sophisticated system and should

only be serviced by technicians

with the proper training, tools and safety instructions, which your

dealer has. Without proper training and tools the vehicle may become