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with the automatic transmission in P (Park) for a few minutes before

turning the engine off. If the overheat warning comes on, see Engine

Overheating 0 330.

Parking on Hills


{ Warning

Parking the vehicle on a hill with the trailer attached can be

dangerous. If something goes

wrong, the rig could start to move. People can be injured, and both the vehicle and the trailer can be

damaged. When possible, always park the rig on a flat surface.

If parking the rig on a hill:

1. Press the brake pedal, but do not shift into P (Park) yet. Turn the

wheels into the curb if facing

downhill or into traffic if facing uphill.

2. Have someone place chocks under the trailer wheels.

3. When the wheel chocks are in

place, release the regular brakes until the chocks absorb the load.

4. Reapply the brake pedal. Then

apply the parking brake and shift into P (Park).

5. Release the brake pedal.

Leaving After Parking on a Hill

1. Apply and hold the brake pedal.

2. Start the engine.

3. Shift into a gear.

4. Release the parking brake.

5. Let up on the brake pedal.

6. Drive slowly until the trailer is clear of the chocks.

7. Stop and have someone pick up and store the chocks.

Maintenance when Trailer Towing

The vehicle needs service more often when pulling a trailer. . Things that

are especially important in trailer

operation are automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, axle lubricant, belts,

cooling system, and brake system. It is a good idea to inspect these before

and during the trip.

Check periodically to see that all hitch nuts and bolts are tight.

Trailer Towing (PLUG-IN Only)

The vehicle is neither designed nor intended to tow a trailer.

Trailer Towing (Gasoline Only)

Before pulling a trailer, three

important considerations have to do with weight:

. Weight of the trailer.

. Weight of the trailer tongue.

. Total weight on your vehicle's tires.

Weight of the Trailer

How heavy can a trailer safely be? It should never weigh more than

454 kg (1,000 lb). But even that can be too heavy.