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The coolant reservoir pressure cap can be removed when the cooling system,

including the pressure cap, is no longer hot.

1. Turn the pressure cap

counterclockwise and remove it.

2. Fill the coolant reservoir with the proper mixture to the indicated

mark on the side of the reservoir.


3. Reinstall the pressure cap tightly.


If the pressure caps are not secured and tightened properly, coolant loss and damage to the PLUG-IN cooling systems or vehicle may occur. Make sure the caps are properly and

tightly secured.

Check the level in the coolant

reservoir when the cooling system has cooled down. If the coolant is not at

the proper level, repeat Steps 1 and 2, then reinstall the pressure cap. If the coolant still is not at the proper level when the system cools down again,

see your dealer.


Engine Overheating

The vehicle has several indicators to warn of the engine overheating.

There is an engine coolant

temperature gauge and an engine

coolant temperature warning light on the instrument cluster.

See Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge 0 137 and Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light 0 147. The vehicle may also display a message on the Driver

Information Center (DIC).

If the decision is made not to lift the hood when this warning appears, get service help right away. See Roadside Service 0 421.

If the decision is made to lift the

hood, make sure the vehicle is parked on a level surface. Then check to see if the engine cooling fan is running.

If the engine is overheating, the fan

should be running. If it is not, do not continue to run the engine. Have the vehicle serviced.




Do not run the engine if there is a leak in the engine cooling system.

This can cause a loss of all coolant and can damage the system and

vehicle. Have any leaks fixed right away.

If Steam Is Coming from the Engine Compartment


{ Warning

Steam and scalding liquids from a hot cooling system are under

pressure. Turning the pressure cap, even a little, can cause them to

come out at high speed and you

could be burned. Never turn the cap when the cooling system, including

the pressure cap, is hot. Wait for the cooling system and pressure cap to cool.