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If No Steam Is Coming from the Engine Compartment

If an engine overheat warning is

displayed but no steam can be seen or heard, the problem may not be too

serious. Sometimes the engine can get a little too hot when the vehicle:

. Climbs a long hill on a hot day

. Stops after high-speed driving

. Idles for long periods in traffic


for about 10 minutes. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

If the warning does not come back on, continue to drive normally and have

the cooling system checked for proper fill and function.

If the warning continues, pull over,

stop, and park the vehicle right away.

If there is no sign of steam, idle the

engine for three minutes while parked. If the warning is still displayed, turn


Adding Washer Fluid


Open the cap with the washer symbol on it. Add washer fluid until the tank is full. See Engine Compartment

0 309 for reservoir location.

If the overheat warning is displayed with no sign of steam:

1. Turn the air conditioning off.

2. Turn the heater on to the highest temperature and to the highest

fan speed. Open the windows as necessary.

3. When it is safe to do so, pull off the road, shift to P (Park) or

N (Neutral), and let the engine idle.

If the engine coolant temperature

gauge is no longer in the overheated area or the engine coolant

temperature warning light no longer displays, the vehicle can be driven.

Continue to drive the vehicle slowly

off the engine until it cools down.

Washer Fluid

What to Use

When windshield washer fluid is needed, be sure to read the

manufacturer's instructions before

use. If operating the vehicle in an area where the temperature may fall below freezing, use a fluid that has sufficient protection against freezing.




. Do not use washer fluid that contains any type of water

repellent coating. This can cause the wiper blades to

chatter or skip.

. Do not use engine coolant

(antifreeze) in the windshield washer. It can damage the

windshield washer system and paint.

. Do not mix water with

ready-to-use washer fluid.

Water can cause the solution