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Safe trailering requires monitoring the weight, speed, altitude, road grades,

outside temperature, the dimensions of the front of the trailer, and how

frequently the vehicle is used to pull a trailer. Take into consideration any

special equipment on the vehicle, and the amount of tongue weight the

vehicle can carry. See Weight of the Trailer Tonguelater in this section

for more information.

Trailer weight rating (TWR) is

calculated assuming the tow vehicle

has the driver, a front seat passenger, and all required trailering equipment.

Weight of additional optional

equipment, passengers, and cargo in the tow vehicle must be subtracted

from the trailer weight rating.

Ask your dealer for trailering

information or advice, or write us at our Customer Assistance Offices. See Customer Assistance Offices 0 419.

Weight of the Trailer Tongue

The tongue weight load (1) of any

trailer is very important because it is also part of the vehicle weight. The

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) includes

the curb weight of the vehicle, any

cargo carried in it, and the people who will be riding in the vehicle, as well as trailer tongue weight. Vehicle options, equipment, passengers, and cargo in

the vehicle reduce the amount of

tongue weight the vehicle can carry, which will also reduce the trailer

weight the vehicle can tow. See Vehicle Load Limits 0 211.


In general, trailer tongue weight (1) should be 10% of the loaded trailer

weight (2). Some specific trailer types, such as boat trailers, fall outside of

this range. Refer to the trailer owners

manual for the recommended trailer

tongue weight. In all cases, do not exceed the maximum loads for the vehicle series and hitch type.

After loading the trailer, weigh the trailer and then the tongue,

separately, to see if the weights are proper. If they are not, adjustments

might be made by moving some items around in the trailer.

Total Weight on Your Vehicle's Tires

Be sure the vehicle's tires are inflated to the upper limit for cold tires. These

numbers can be found on the Tire and Loading Information label. See Vehicle Load Limits 0 211. Make sure not to go over the GVW limit for the vehicle,

including the weight of the trailer tongue.

Towing Equipment


Use the correct hitch equipment. See your dealer or a hitch dealer for