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Warning (Continued)

anything that can burn. Ventilate

the vehicle by opening a window or a door.

Contact your dealer as soon as

possible to determine whether an inspection is needed.

Vehicle Storage


{ Warning

Batteries have acid that can burn

you and gas that can explode. You can be badly hurt if you are not

careful. See Jump Starting - North America 0 382 for tips on working around a battery without

getting hurt.

Infrequent Usage: Remove the 12-volt battery black, negative () cable from

the battery to keep the battery from running down.


Extended Storage: Remove the 12-volt battery black, negative () cable from

the battery or use a battery trickle charger.

Remember to reconnect the battery when ready to drive the vehicle.

All-Wheel Drive

If the vehicle is equipped with

All-Wheel Drive (AWD), this is an additional system that needs


Transfer Case

When to Check Lubricant

It is not necessary to regularly check

the transfer case fluid unless a leak is suspected or an unusual noise is

heard. A fluid loss could indicate a problem. Have it inspected and



How to Check Lubricant


1. Fill Plug

2. Drain Plug

To get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on a level surface.

If the level is below the bottom of the fill plug hole on the transfer case,

some lubricant will need to be added.

Add enough lubricant to raise the level to the bottom of the fill plug

hole. Use care not to overtighten the fill plug.