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If brake fluid is spilled on the

vehicle's painted surfaces, the paint finish can be damaged. Immediately wash off any painted surface.

Battery - North America

The original equipment battery is

maintenance free. Do not remove the cap and do not add fluid.

Refer to the replacement number

shown on the original battery label

when a new 12-volt battery is needed.

The battery is in the trunk under the spare tire. The vehicle has an

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) 12-volt battery. Installation of a standard

12-volt battery will result in reduced 12-volt battery life.

When using a 12-volt battery charger on the 12-volt AGM battery, some

chargers have an AGM battery setting on the charger. If available, use the

AGM setting on the charger, to limit charge voltage to 14.8 volts.


Stop/Start System

The vehicle has a Stop/Start system to shut off the engine to help conserve


See Starting the Engine (PLUG-IN Only) 0 216 or Starting the Engine (Gasoline Only) 0 219.


{ Warning

WARNING: Battery posts,

terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of

California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Batteries also contain other

chemicals known to the State of

California to cause cancer. WASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING. For

more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/ passenger-vehicle.

See California Proposition 65 Warning

0 306 and the back cover.


PLUG-IN Vehicle

The PLUG-IN vehicle 12-volt battery is in the trunk. PLUG-IN vehicles also

have a high voltage battery. Only a trained service technician with the proper knowledge and tools should inspect, test, or replace the high

voltage battery. See your dealer if

either the 12-volt or the high voltage battery needs service. The dealer has information on how to recycle the

high voltage battery.


{ Warning

Damage to the high voltage battery or high voltage system can create a risk of electric shock, overheating,

or fire.

If the vehicle is damaged from a moderate to severe crash, flood, fire, or other event, the vehicle

should be inspected as soon as

possible. Until the vehicle has been inspected, store it outside at least

15 m (50 ft) from any structure or