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Footnotes Maintenance Schedule Additional Required Services -


(1) Vehicles with different size front and rear tires do not have tire

rotation. See Tire Rotation 0 362.

(2) Or every two years, whichever

comes first. More frequent passenger compartment air filter replacement

may be needed if driving in areas with heavy traffic, poor air quality, high

dust levels, or environmental

allergens. Passenger compartment air filter replacement may also be needed if there is reduced airflow, window

fogging, or odors. Your GM dealer can help determine when to replace the


(3) Visually check all fuel and vapor

lines and hoses for proper attachment, connection, routing, and condition.

(4) Or every four years, whichever comes first. If driving in dusty

conditions, inspect the filter at each oil change or more often as needed.

(5) Do not directly power wash the transfer case and/or front/rear axle

output seals. High pressure water can


overcome the seals and contaminate the transfer case fluid. Contaminated fluid will decrease the life of the

transfer case and/or axles and should be replaced.

(6) Or every five years, whichever comes first.

See Cooling System (Gasoline Only)

0 322 or Cooling System (PLUG-IN

Only) 0 325.

(7) Or every 10 years, whichever comes first. Inspect for fraying,

excessive cracking, or damage; replace, if needed.

(8) Replace brake fluid every five

years for DOT 3 fluid or every three

years for DOT 4 fluid. See Brake Fluid

0 333.


Special Application Services

. Severe Commercial Use Vehicles Only: Lubricate chassis

components every oil change.

. Have underbody flushing service performed. See "Underbody

Maintenance" in Exterior Care

0 388.