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the vehicle repaired with Genuine GM parts, even if your insurance coverage does not pay the full cost.

If another party's insurance company is paying for the repairs, you are not obligated to accept a repair valuation based on that insurance company's

collision policy repair limits, as you have no contractual limits with that

company. In such cases, you can have control of the repair and parts choices as long as the cost stays within

reasonable limits.

Service Publications Ordering Information

Service Manuals

Service Manuals have the diagnosis

and repair information on the engines, transmission, axle, suspension, brakes, electrical, steering, body, etc.

Owner Information

Owner publications are written

specifically for owners and intended to provide basic operational


information about the vehicle. The Owners Manual includes the

Maintenance Schedule for all models.

In-Portfolio: Includes a Portfolio, Owners Manual, and Warranty



$40.00 (U.S.) plus handling and shipping fees.

Without Pouch: Owners Manual only. RETAIL SELL PRICE:

$25.00 (U.S.) plus handling and shipping fees.

Current and Past Models

Service and Owner publications are available for many current and past model year GM vehicles.

ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-551-4123

Monday Friday 8:00 AM 6:00 PM

Eastern Time

For Credit Card Orders Only

(VISA-MasterCard-Discover), see Helm, Inc. at: www.helminc.com.


Or write to:

Helm, Incorporated

Attention: Customer Service 47911 Halyard Drive

Plymouth, MI 48170

Prices are subject to change without notice and without incurring

obligation. Allow ample time for delivery.

All listed prices are quoted in U.S.

funds. Make checks payable in U.S. funds.

Radio Frequency Statement

This vehicle has systems that operate on a radio frequency that complies

with Part 15/Part 18 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and with Innovation, Science

and Economic Development (ISED) Canada's RSP-100 / license-exempt RSS's / ICES-001.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

1. The device may not cause harmful interference.