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4. Say Call.System responds: OK, dialing 911.

Retrieve My Number

1. Press =. System responds:

OnStar ready.

2. Say My number.System responds: Your OnStar

Hands-Free Calling number is,

then says the number.

End a Call

Press =. System responds: Call ended.

Verify Minutes and Expiration

Press = and say Minutesthen

Verifyto check how many minutes remain and their expiration date.


By monitoring and reporting on the vehicles key systems, OnStar

Advanced Diagnostics provides a way to keep up on maintenance.

Capabilities vary by model. See www.onstar.com for details and

system limitations. Message and data


rates may apply. Advanced Diagnostics requires an active OnStar paid service plan, e-mail address on file, and

enrollment in Advanced Diagnostics. Includes:

. Diagnostic Alerts: Set preferences

to receive real-time e-mails, texts, or monthly reports of the vehicles health. Or press Q to have an

Advisor initiate a remote diagnostic report.

. Proactive Alerts: Receive a

real-time e-mail or text message

regarding potential issues with key vehicle components, such as the

battery, fuel system, or starter

system. Alerts for potential issues appear on the infotainment

display. Proactive Alerts are

designed to help predict specific types of issues based on

information collected from the

vehicle. Other factors may affect

vehicle performance. Not all issues will deliver alerts. In some cases, a dealer service check may be

required to confirm the accuracy of the alerts.


. Dealer Maintenance Notification:

Have the vehicle notify your

preferred dealer when it is time for maintenance. Your dealer will then contact you to set up an


To begin, press Q to speak to an Advisor, or see www.onstar.com.