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Read the instructions completely before attempting to program the

Universal Remote system. Because of the steps involved, it may be helpful

to have another person available to assist you with programming the

Universal Remote system.

See Universal Remote System 0 177.


If equipped with a sunroof, the ignition must be on or in ACC/

ACCESSORY, or Retained Accessory Power (RAP) must be active, to

operate the sunroof.

See Ignition Positions 0 215 and

Retained Accessory Power (RAP) 0 222.



1. SLIDE Switch

2. TILT Switch

Slide Switch

Express-Open/Express-Close : Press the rear or front of D (1) to the

second detent and release to

express-open or express-close the sunroof.

Open/Close (Manual Mode) : Press the rear of D (1) to the first detent and hold to open the sunroof. Press

the front of D (1) to the first detent

and hold to close the sunroof.


Tilt Switch

Vent Feature : Press and hold the front of E (2) to vent the sunroof.

Press and hold the rear of E (2) to

close the sunroof vent. See Sunroof 0 62.