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Automatic Heated Steering Wheel

If equipped with remote start, the heated steering wheel will turn on

automatically during a remote start

along with the heated seats when it is cold outside. The heated steering

wheel indicator light may not come on.

If equipped with auto heated seats,

the heated steering wheel will turn on when the auto heated seat is

activated. The heated steering wheel indicator will follow the state of the steering wheel heat.

See Heated and Ventilated Front Seats

0 72 and Vehicle Personalization 0 168.


Press a on the steering wheel pad to sound the horn.


Windshield Wiper/Washer


With the ignition on or in ACC/

ACCESSORY, move the lever up or down to select the wiper speed.

HI : Use for fast wipes.


LO : Use for slow wipes.


AUTO : Use this setting for

intermittent wipes when Rainsense is disabled, or for Rainsense wipes when it is enabled. For intermittent wipes, move the lever up to AUTO, then turn the band on the wiper lever up for

more frequent wipes or down for less frequent wipes. If Rainsense is

enabled, see Rainsenselater in this


If the windshield wipers are in use

while driving, the exterior lamps come on automatically if the exterior lamp

control is in AUTO. The transition

time for the lamps coming on varies based on wiper speed. See Lights On with Wipersunder Automatic

Headlamp System 0 183.

OFF : Use to turn the wipers off.

1X : For a single wipe, briefly move the wiper lever down. For several

wipes, hold the wiper lever down. f : Pull the windshield wiper lever toward you to spray windshield

washer fluid and activate the wipers.

The wipers will continue until the lever is released or the maximum wash time is reached. When the

windshield wiper lever is released,



additional wipes may occur depending on how long the windshield washer

had been activated. See Washer Fluid 0 331 for information on filling the windshield washer fluid reservoir.


{ Warning

In freezing weather, do not use the washer until the windshield is

warmed. Otherwise the washer fluid can form ice on the windshield,

blocking your vision.

Clear snow and ice from the wiper blades and windshield before using them. If frozen to the windshield,

carefully loosen or thaw them.

Damaged blades should be replaced. See Wiper Blade Replacement 0 337.

Heavy snow or ice can overload the wiper motor.

Wiper Parking

If the ignition is turned off while the wipers are on LO, HI, or AUTO with Rainsense disabled, they will

immediately stop.


If the windshield wiper lever is then

moved to OFF before the driver door is opened or within 10 minutes after the ignition is off, the wipers will restart

and move to the base of the windshield.

If the ignition is turned off while the wipers are performing wipes due to

windshield washing or Rainsense, the wipers continue to run until they

reach the base of the windshield.


With Rainsense, a sensor near the top center of the windshield detects the

amount of water on the windshield and controls the sensitivity of the windshield wiper.

Keep this area of the windshield clear of debris to allow for best system


AUTO : If Rainsense is enabled, move the windshield wiper lever to AUTO.

Turn the band on the wiper lever to adjust the sensitivity.



. Turn the band up for more sensitivity to moisture.

. Turn the band down for less sensitivity to moisture.

. Move the windshield wiper lever out of the AUTO position to

deactivate Rainsense.

To enable or disable this feature, see

Rainsense Wipersunder Vehicle Personalization 0 168.

Wiper Arm Assembly Protection

When using an automatic car wash, move the windshield wiper lever to OFF. This disables the automatic

Rainsense windshield wipers.