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See Plug-In Charging (PLUG-IN Only)

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Fuel Gauge


Base Level Standard Theme



Uplevel Balanced Configuration

When the ignition is on, the fuel

gauge indicates about how much fuel is left in the tank.

There is an arrow near the fuel gauge pointing to the side of the vehicle the fuel door is on.

When the indicator nears empty, the low fuel light comes on. There still is

a little fuel left, but the vehicle should be refueled soon.


Here are four things that some owners ask about. None of these show a

problem with the fuel gauge:

. At the service station, the fuel

pump shuts off before the gauge reads full.

. It takes a little more or less fuel to fill up than the gauge indicated.

For example, the gauge may have indicated the tank was half full,

but it actually took a little more or less than half the tank's capacity

to fill the tank.

. The gauge moves a little while

turning a corner or speeding up.

. The gauge takes a few seconds to stabilize after the ignition is

turned on, and goes back to empty when the ignition is turned off.