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If after signaling a turn or lane

change, the arrow flashes rapidly or does not come on, a signal bulb may be burned out.

Replace any burned out bulbs. If a

bulb is not burned out, check the fuse. See Fuses and Circuit Breakers 0 340.

Cornering Lamps

If equipped with cornering lamps, they automatically come on when all of the following occur:

. The low-beam headlamps are on.

. The turn signals are activated or the steering wheel is at a

calibrated angle.

. The vehicle speed is below the calibrated speed.


Interior Lighting

Instrument Panel Illumination Control


The brightness of the instrument panel lighting and steering wheel controls can be adjusted.

D : Move the thumbwheel up or

down to brighten or dim the lights.

The brightness of the displays automatically adjusts based on

outdoor lighting. The instrument

panel illumination control will set the lowest level to which the displays will be automatically adjusted.




Courtesy Lamps

The courtesy lamps come on when

any door is opened unless the dome lamp override is activated. To

deactivate the dome lamp override,

press ( OFF and the indicator light

on the button will turn off.

Dome Lamps

The dome lamp is in the overhead console.


To change the dome lamp settings, press:

( OFF : Turns the lamp off, even when a door is open.