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If the vehicle cannot be scheduled into the service department

immediately, keep driving it until it can be scheduled for service, unless, of course, the problem is safety

related. If it is, please call your

dealership, let them know this, and ask for instructions.

If your dealer requests you to bring

the vehicle for service, you are urged to do so as early in the work day as

possible to allow for same-day repair.

Courtesy Transportation Program

To enhance your ownership

experience, we and our participating dealers are proud to offer Courtesy

Transportation, a customer support program for vehicles with the

Bumper-to-Bumper (Base Warranty

Coverage period in Canada), extended powertrain, and/or PLUG-IN-specific warranties in both the U.S. and


Several Courtesy Transportation options are available to assist in reducing inconvenience when

warranty repairs are required.


Courtesy Transportation is not a part of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. A separate booklet entitled Limited

Warranty and Owner Assistance

Informationfurnished with each new

vehicle provides detailed warranty coverage information.

Transportation Options

Warranty service can generally be

completed while you wait. However,

if you are unable to do so, your dealer may offer the following transportation options:

Shuttle Service

This includes one-way or round-trip

shuttle service within reasonable time and distance parameters of your

dealer's area.

Public Transportation or Fuel Reimbursement

If overnight warranty repairs are

needed, and public transportation is used, the expense must be supported by original receipts and within the

maximum amount allowed by GM for shuttle service. If U.S. customers

arrange their own transportation,


limited reimbursement for reasonable fuel expenses may be available. Claim amounts should reflect actual costs

and be supported by original receipts. See your dealer for information.

Courtesy Rental Vehicle

For an overnight warranty repair, the dealer may provide an available

courtesy rental vehicle or provide for reimbursement of a rental vehicle.

Reimbursement is limited and must be supported by original receipts as

well as a signed and completed rental agreement and meet state/provincial,

local, and rental vehicle provider

requirements. Requirements vary and may include minimum age

requirements, insurance coverage,

credit card, etc. Additional fees such as fuel usage charges, taxes, levies,

usage fees, excessive mileage, or rental usage beyond the completion of the

repair are also your responsibility.

It may not be possible to provide a like vehicle as a courtesy rental.