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Lane Change Alert (LCA) 275

Lane Departure

Warning (LDW) 277

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) 277

Surround Vision Recorder 279


Plug-In Charging

(PLUG-IN Only) 281

Delayed Charging Override

(PLUG-IN Only) 282

Charging Status Feedback

(PLUG-IN Only) 283

Charge Cord (PLUG-IN Only) 287

Utility Interruption of Charging

(PLUG-IN Only) 293

Electrical Requirements for Battery Charging

(PLUG-IN Only) 293


Fuel 294

California Fuel Requirements 295

Fuels in Foreign Countries 295

Fuel Additives 295

Filling the Tank 296

Filling a Portable Fuel

Container 298

Trailer Towing

General Towing Information 299

Driving Characteristics and

Towing Tips 299

Trailer Towing

(PLUG-IN Only) 301

Trailer Towing

(Gasoline Only) 301

Towing Equipment 302

Conversions and Add-Ons

Add-On Electrical Equipment . . . 303

Driving Information

Distracted Driving

Distraction comes in many forms and can take your focus from the task of

driving. Exercise good judgment and do not let other activities divert your attention away from the road. Many

local governments have enacted laws regarding driver distraction. Become

familiar with the local laws in your area.

To avoid distracted driving, keep your eyes on the road, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and focus your

attention on driving.

. Do not use a phone in demanding driving situations. Use a

hands-free method to place or receive necessary phone calls.

. Watch the road. Do not read, take notes, or look up information on

phones or other electronic devices.

. Designate a front seat passenger to handle potential distractions.