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Vehicle Care

General Information

General Information 306

California Proposition

65 Warning 306

California Perchlorate Materials

Requirements 306

Accessories and

Modifications 307

Vehicle Checks

Doing Your Own

Service Work 307

Hood 308

Engine Compartment

Overview 309

Engine Oil 316

Engine Oil Life System 318

Automatic Transmission

Fluid 319

Engine Air Cleaner/Filter 320

Cooling System

(Gasoline Only) 322

Cooling System

(PLUG-IN Only) 325

Engine Overheating 330

Washer Fluid 331

Brakes 332

Brake Fluid 333



Battery - North America 334

All-Wheel Drive 335

Starter Switch Check 336

Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control Function

Check 336

Park Brake and P (Park)

Mechanism Check 336

Wiper Blade Replacement 337

Windshield Replacement 337

Gas Strut(s) 338

Headlamp Aiming

Headlamp Aiming 339

Bulb Replacement

Bulb Replacement 339

LED Lighting 339

Electrical System

Electrical System Overload 339

Fuses and Circuit Breakers 340

Engine Compartment Fuse

Block 340

Instrument Panel Fuse Block 343

Rear Compartment Fuse

Block 345

Wheels and Tires

Tires 348

All-Season Tires 349

Winter Tires 349



Low-Profile Tires 350

Summer Tires 350

Tire Sidewall Labeling 351

Tire Designations 353

Tire Terminology and

Definitions 353

Tire Pressure 356

Tire Pressure for High-Speed

Operation 357

Tire Pressure Monitor System . . . 358 Tire Pressure Monitor

Operation 359

Tire Inspection 361

Tire Rotation 362

When It Is Time for New

Tires 363

Buying New Tires 364

Different Size Tires and

Wheels 365

Uniform Tire Quality Grading . . . 365 Wheel Alignment and Tire

Balance 367

Wheel Replacement 367

Tire Chains 368

If a Tire Goes Flat 368

Tire Sealant and

Compressor Kit 370

Storing the Tire Sealant and

Compressor Kit 376

Tire Changing 376

Compact Spare Tire 381



General InformationCalifornia Proposition 65 WarningCalifornia Perchlorate Materials RequirementsAccessories and ModificationsVehicle ChecksDoing Your Own Service WorkHoodEngine Compartment OverviewEngine OilEngine Oil Life SystemAutomatic Transmission FluidEngine Air Cleaner/FilterCooling System (Gasoline Only)Cooling System (PLUG-IN Only)Engine OverheatingWasher FluidBrakesBrake FluidBattery - North AmericaAll-Wheel DriveStarter Switch CheckAutomatic Transmission Shift Lock Control Function CheckPark Brake and P (Park) Mechanism CheckWiper Blade ReplacementWindshield ReplacementGas Strut(s)Headlamp AimingBulb ReplacementLED LightingElectrical SystemElectrical System OverloadFuses and Circuit BreakersEngine Compartment Fuse BlockInstrument Panel Fuse BlockRear Compartment Fuse BlockWheels and TiresTiresAll-Season TiresWinter TiresLow-Profile TiresSummer TiresTire Sidewall LabelingTire DesignationsTire Terminology and DefinitionsTire PressureTire Pressure for High-Speed OperationTire Pressure Monitor SystemTire Pressure Monitor OperationTire InspectionTire RotationWhen It Is Time for New TiresBuying New TiresDifferent Size Tires and WheelsUniform Tire Quality GradingWheel Alignment and Tire BalanceWheel ReplacementTire ChainsIf a Tire Goes FlatTire Sealant and Compressor KitStoring the Tire Sealant and Compressor KitTire ChangingCompact Spare TireJump StartingJump Starting - North AmericaTowing the VehicleRecreational Vehicle TowingAppearance CareExterior CareInterior CareFloor Mats