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Driving and Operating

Driving Information

Distracted Driving 204

Defensive Driving 205

Drunk Driving 205

Control of a Vehicle 205

Braking (Gasoline Only) 205

Braking (PLUG-IN Only) 206

Steering 206

Off-Road Recovery 207

Loss of Control 207

Driving on Wet Roads 208

Hill and Mountain Roads 209

Winter Driving 209

If the Vehicle Is Stuck 211

Vehicle Load Limits 211

Starting and Operating

New Vehicle Break-In (Gasoline

Engine Only) 214

Ignition Positions 215

Starting the Engine

(PLUG-IN Only) 216

Starting the Engine

(Gasoline Only) 219

Engine Heater 221

Retained Accessory

Power (RAP) 222

Shifting Into Park 222

Shifting out of Park 223

Parking over Things

That Burn 223

Extended Parking 224

Electric Vehicle Operating Modes

Driver Selected Operating Modes

(PLUG-IN Only) 224

Out of Fuel/Engine

Unavailable 225

Maintenance Modes 226

Engine Exhaust

Engine Exhaust 228

Running the Vehicle While

Parked 228

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission 229

Manual Mode (Gasoline Only) . . . 231

Drive Systems

All-Wheel Drive 232


Antilock Brake System (ABS) 232

Electric Parking Brake 233

Brake Assist 234

Hill Start Assist (HSA) 235

Automatic Vehicle

Hold (AVH) 235

Regenerative Braking

(PLUG-IN Only) 235

Ride Control Systems

Traction Control/Electronic

Stability Control 237

Driver Mode Control

(Gasoline Only) 239

Cruise Control

Cruise Control 240

Adaptive Cruise Control 243

Super Cruise 251

Driver Assistance Systems

Driver Assistance Systems 260

Assistance Systems for Parking

or Backing 260

Assistance Systems for

Driving 266

Forward Collision Alert (FCA)

System 267

Forward Automatic

Braking (FAB) 269

Front Pedestrian Braking (FPB)

System 270

Night Vision System 273

Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA) 275




Driving InformationDistracted DrivingDefensive DrivingDrunk DrivingControl of a VehicleBraking (Gasoline Only)Braking (PLUG-IN Only)SteeringOff-Road RecoveryLoss of ControlDriving on Wet RoadsHill and Mountain RoadsWinter DrivingIf the Vehicle Is StuckVehicle Load LimitsStarting and OperatingNew Vehicle Break-In (Gasoline Engine Only)Ignition PositionsStarting the Engine (PLUG-IN Only)Starting the Engine (Gasoline Only)Engine HeaterRetained Accessory Power (RAP)Shifting Into ParkShifting out of ParkParking over Things That BurnExtended ParkingElectric Vehicle Operating ModesDriver Selected Operating Modes (PLUG-IN Only)Out of Fuel/Engine UnavailableMaintenance ModesEngine ExhaustRunning the Vehicle While ParkedAutomatic TransmissionManual Mode (Gasoline Only)Drive SystemsAll-Wheel DriveBrakesAntilock Brake System (ABS)Electric Parking BrakeBrake AssistHill Start Assist (HSA)Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH)Regenerative Braking (PLUG-IN Only)Ride Control SystemsTraction Control/Electronic Stability ControlDriver Mode Control (Gasoline Only)Cruise ControlAdaptive Cruise ControlSuper CruiseDriver Assistance SystemsAssistance Systems for Parking or BackingAssistance Systems for DrivingForward Collision Alert (FCA) SystemForward Automatic Braking (FAB)Front Pedestrian Braking (FPB) SystemNight Vision SystemSide Blind Zone Alert (SBZA)Lane Change Alert (LCA)Lane Departure Warning (LDW)Lane Keep Assist (LKA)Surround Vision RecorderChargingPlug-In Charging (PLUG-IN Only)Delayed Charging Override (PLUG-IN Only)Charging Status Feedback (PLUG-IN Only)Charge Cord (PLUG-IN Only)Utility Interruption of Charging (PLUG-IN Only)Electrical Requirements for Battery Charging (PLUG-IN Only)FuelCalifornia Fuel RequirementsFuels in Foreign CountriesFuel AdditivesFilling the TankFilling a Portable Fuel ContainerTrailer TowingGeneral Towing InformationDriving Characteristics and Towing TipsTrailer Towing (PLUG-IN Only)Trailer Towing (Gasoline Only)Towing EquipmentConversions and Add-OnsAdd-On Electrical Equipment