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Instruments and Controls


Steering Wheel Adjustment 119

Steering Wheel Controls 119

Heated Steering Wheel 119

Horn 120

Windshield Wiper/Washer 120

Compass 122

Clock 122

Power Outlets 123

Wireless Charging 124

Cigarette Lighter 125

Ashtrays 126

Warning Lights, Gauges, and Indicators

Warning Lights, Gauges, and

Indicators 126

Instrument Cluster (Base

Level) 127

Instrument Cluster (Uplevel) 130

Speedometer 134

Odometer 134

Trip Odometer 134

Tachometer 134

Battery Gauge (High Voltage) . . . 134 Fuel Gauge 135

Power Indicator Gauge

(PLUG-IN Only) 136

Engine Oil Pressure Gauge (Base

Level Cluster Only) 136

Engine Coolant Temperature

Gauge 137

Voltmeter Gauge (Base Level

Cluster Only) 138

Seat Belt Reminders 139

Airbag Readiness Light 139

Passenger Airbag Status

Indicator 140

Charging System Light 141

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

(Check Engine Light) 141

Service Vehicle Soon Light

(PLUG-IN Only) 143

Brake System Warning Light 143

Electric Parking Brake Light 144

Service Electric Parking Brake

Light 144

Antilock Brake System (ABS)

Warning Light 144

Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH)

Light 145

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) Light . . . 145 Vehicle Ahead Indicator 145

Pedestrian Ahead Indicator 145

Traction Off Light 146

StabiliTrak OFF Light 146


Traction Control System (TCS)/

StabiliTrak Light 146

Engine Coolant Temperature

Warning Light 147

Driver Mode Control Light 147

Tire Pressure Light 147

Engine Oil Pressure Light 148

Low Fuel Warning Light 148

Security Light 148

Vehicle Ready Light

(PLUG-IN Only) 149

High-Beam On Light 149

Lamps On Reminder 149

Cruise Control Light 149

Door Ajar Light 150

Information Displays

Power Flows (PLUG-IN Only) 150

Programmable Charging

(PLUG-IN Only) 150

Energy Information

(PLUG-IN Only) 159

Driver Information

Center (DIC) 160

Head-Up Display (HUD) 163

Vehicle Messages

Vehicle Messages 167

Engine Power Messages 167

Vehicle Speed Messages 167


ControlsSteering Wheel AdjustmentSteering Wheel ControlsHeated Steering WheelHornWindshield Wiper/WasherCompassClockPower OutletsWireless ChargingCigarette LighterAshtraysWarning Lights, Gauges, and IndicatorsInstrument Cluster (Base Level)Instrument Cluster (Uplevel)SpeedometerOdometerTrip OdometerTachometerBattery Gauge (High Voltage)Fuel GaugePower Indicator Gauge (PLUG-IN Only)Engine Oil Pressure Gauge (Base Level Cluster Only)Engine Coolant Temperature GaugeVoltmeter Gauge (Base Level Cluster Only)Seat Belt RemindersAirbag Readiness LightPassenger Airbag Status IndicatorCharging System LightMalfunction Indicator Lamp (Check Engine Light)Service Vehicle Soon Light (PLUG-IN Only)Brake System Warning LightElectric Parking Brake LightService Electric Parking Brake LightAntilock Brake System (ABS) Warning LightAutomatic Vehicle Hold (AVH) LightLane Keep Assist (LKA) LightVehicle Ahead IndicatorPedestrian Ahead IndicatorTraction Off LightStabiliTrak OFF LightTraction Control System (TCS)/StabiliTrak LightEngine Coolant Temperature Warning LightDriver Mode Control LightTire Pressure LightEngine Oil Pressure LightLow Fuel Warning LightSecurity LightVehicle Ready Light (PLUG-IN Only)High-Beam On LightLamps On ReminderCruise Control LightDoor Ajar LightInformation DisplaysPower Flows (PLUG-IN Only)Programmable Charging (PLUG-IN Only)Energy Information (PLUG-IN Only)Driver Information Center (DIC)Head-Up Display (HUD)Vehicle MessagesEngine Power MessagesVehicle Speed MessagesVehicle PersonalizationUniversal Remote SystemUniversal Remote System ProgrammingUniversal Remote System Operation